R&D Center

Having built scientific and research center of city-level, Ningbo Permanent Magnetic Industry
ocuses on cultivating new growth point of technology and possesses the international
advanced production equipment and modernized plant facilities

The company has set independent city-level R&D center--Ningbo Permanent Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Material Engineering (Technical) Center. Now the company owns about 40 research personnel, about 10 middle and high ranking personnel with technical posts, 2 external visiting specialists, one professor who has obtained governmental special allowance, and one researcher who is the doctor studied abroad before.
In the meantime, it introduces and cultivates technical talents actively, lays emphasis on the sustainable development of scientific research and stable improvement of technical force, takes talents as the core of technical pursuit and brings international advanced equipment vigorously.
What’s more, it strengthens exchange relevant to technical cooperation with scientific research institutions, and has established long-term stable cooperative relationship with Ningbo Material, Technology and Engineering Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Function Material Institute of Central Iron & Steel Research Institute, Metal Material Research Institute of Zhejiang University and other scientific and research units successively. The research grant is withdrawn from annual sales revenue according to reasonable ratio, ensuring the smooth going of research and development forcefully.

"  I. Research on component design, Reduce the content of heavy rare earth under the premise of maintaining property.  "

"  III. Research on the product with low weightlessness   "

Organization Chart